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Last updated: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011.
 Short Jump 1.1:

Sorry for the delay, Short Jump 1.1 is out! it has been added to the games page with the option to play the previous version 1.0.

Play Short Jump 1.1 now!,
 -Fat Family

 What's new with Fat Family:

In the pasting weeks we made it back to the top of the Yahoo! search results for "Fat Family" and we still remain the number one result in Windows Live Search, as for Google we made it to the second result, but have since been lowed on the list, we hope with the soon to come updates we will be at the top of these three search engines once again. Thank you.

 Game - Short Jump 1.1:

Short Jump 1.1 The second fat game, is the new "Short Jump 1.1". Version 1.0 had a single level with the goal of jumping 3 shorties. Get ready for version 1.1! becuase it's here! Now it's faster, there is 4 shorties and a golden shorty in the sky.
[play 1.1 now]
 Cartoon - Shorty at

Shorty at Shorty visiting

 Fat Family Video - Booze in a can:

Fat Family - Booze in a can It's the booze that gets you through the boozey day,
in a can.
 Fat Family Video - The monkey movie trailer:

Fat Family - The monkey movie trailer The monkey movie trailer is a short video. Little information is available at this time.
 Fat Family Video - Webisodes:

Fat Family - Webisodes #1: Grandpa is, working on
the Fat Family website...

#2: Jake is, checking if the
Fat Family website is up yet...

#3: Grandpa hasn't finished the website yet...

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